International Radiation Protection Association

IRPA is recognized by its members, stakeholders and the public as the international voice of the radiation protection profession in the enhancement of radiation protection culture and practice worldwide.

The primary purpose of IRPA is to provide a medium whereby those engaged in radiation protection activities in all countries may communicate more readily with each other and through this process advance radiation protection in many parts of the world. This includes relevant aspects of such branches of knowledge as science, medicine, engineering, technology and law, to provide for the protection of man and his environment from the hazards caused by radiation, and thereby to facilitate the safe use of medical, scientific, and industrial radiological practices for the benefit of mankind.


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Bevraging agenten stralingsbescherming
7 JUN2021

Bedankt om deze in te vullen en/of te verspreiden naar de RPO’s binnen uw netwerk.

Newsletter N° 169 online
9 MEI2021

Newsletter N° 169 werd gepubliceerd - veel leesplezier!

IRPA video contest
20 APR2021

Do you feel like a movie maker?

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