Executive committee 2023 - 2024

President P. Kockerols
Vice presidents
Past president C. Mommaert
Future president T. Clarijs

General secretary

J. Van Cauteren

Permanent secretary    

I. Meirlaen

Treasurer N. Vermeulen
Webmaster T. Clarijs
Members Councelors
D. Berus  G. Eggermont
S. Cools H. Drymael 
H. Engels P. Froment
H. Janssens  F. Hardeman
E. Kint J.P. Samain
B. Lance M. Sonck
T. Perko  H. Vanmarcke 
K. Persyn H. Declercq-Versele
W. Schroeyers   
J. Vanregemorter  
O. Wantz  


Board meetings (13h30 - 16h30 unless communicated otherwise)

19/01/2024 VLIR
8/03/2024 (online)
26/04/2024 VLIR
14/06/2023 (online)
6/09/2024 VLIR
4/10/2024 (online)
8/11/2024 VLIR

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New IAEA Publication
13 FEB2024

Useful for regulatory bodies and educational institutions from secondary schools to universities.

BVS-ABR Newsletter N° 180
22 JAN2024

The new edition of our newsletter is now online - enjoy reading!

RadioACT results !
17 NOV2023

St. Maarten Instituut from Aalst wins radioactivity science competition

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