• RadioACT: Science contest for schools

    Are you a 5th or 6th year secondary school pupil or teacher? 
    Are you passionate about science?
    Would you like to develop a project on radioactivity under the guidance of a radiation expert and win a great prize? 

    Then hurry up and register for RadioACT!

    Radioactivity is everywhere, but we cannot perceive it with our senses. So how can we measure radioactivity? How can we protect ourselves from the harmful effects of radioactivity? What are the challenges of today and tomorrow?
    These are some of the challenges where radiation protection comes in. The Belgian Society for Radiation Protection (BVS-ABR) is the scientific organisation dedicated to that field. And it has been for the past 60 years! To celebrate this anniversary, the BVS-ABR is organising a competition in which 5th and 6th year secondary school pupils can participate.