• Are you the next ICRP Assistant Scientific Secretary?

    In 2020, a unique opportunity will open up at ICRP to join the head office in Ottawa, Canada as the next Assistant Scientific Secretary.  As ICRP is a small charity, this cost-free resource has been monumental to the advancement of the System of Radiological Protection since 2012.

    Think your organisation can support you, and this initiative? The professional benefits an organisation will see from this modest investment are significant.  Working directly with task groups, ICRP publications, and networking with the worlds most accredited radiological protection professionals are just a few of the returns a supporting organisation can expect to receive. 

    Don't miss your chance, contact ICRP Scientific Secretary Christopher Clement, to express your interest by 31 December, 2019.

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    It is a common misconception about how ICRP is funded.  Some believe that we receive support from larger, global organisations and need not worry from year-to-year.  However, while some international organisations do gracioulsy contribute, there is no guarantee that assistance will come.  Simply put, we are a charity that relies on the voluntary contributions of individuals and organisations around the world.  With operating costs continuing to rise, these contributions are more important than ever.  Can you help us sustain our future and continue to advance the System of Radiological Protection? Please contact Kelsey Cloutier.  No contribution is too small.