Executive committee 2019 - 2020

President C. Mommaert
Vice presidents
Past president P. Froment
Future president P. Kockerols
General secretary J. Van Cauteren
Permanent secretary    

I. Meirlaen
V. Mertens (mentor)

Treasurer N. Vermeulen
Webmaster T. Clarijs
Members Councelors
D. Berus  L. Baekelandt 
G Délécaut H. Declercq-Versele
B. Gerin J. Delhove 
A. Janssens  G. Eggermont
H. Janssens  H. Drymael 
B. Lance F. Hardeman
T. Perko  P. Hublet 
A. Polak J. Pote 
W. Schroeyers  J.P. Samain
C. Stievenart M. Sonck
J. Vanregemorter  C. Steinkuhler
  M. Van Eijkeren
  H. Vanmarcke 


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Newsletter N° 168 is now available
11 FEB2021

The new edition of our newsletter is now online - enjoy reading!

IRPA YGN survey on social media us
2 FEB2021

The IRPA YGN launches a survey on social media usage by the young generation in radiation protection.

Renew your Health Physics journal
4 DEC2020

Price remains the same, but also an exclusive online subscription is possible.

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